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Purchasing Module



Allows to register and maintain a detailed control, including request for quotations, uploading content, recording invoices, tracking payments, as well as recording detailed information such as contact, payment terms and performance evaluation.

Facilitates the grouping of orders from different departments to take advantage of economies of scale and possibly obtain better prices and conditions.

Allows for the creation and approval of multi-departmental purchase requisitions  that can be converted into purchase orders.

The system can automatically generate purchase orders when inventory levels reach a set replenishment point.

Allows tracking and management of purchase orders that are pending delivery or have been partially received.

Allows you to manage orders for items that are not in the hospital’s standard catalog.

Allows you to manage the purchase of services and items that do not need to be stored in inventory, such as consulting or repair services.

Create, classify, edit or delete different products or services in the internal catalog with ability associate them predefined price lists. 

Provides real-time visibility into the status of purchase orders, including delivery tracking.

Generation of detailed reports on purchases, expenses, supplier performance, among many others possible variables.

Warehouse Module


Keeps an accurate record of all items in stock, allowing detailed tracking of inventory movements.

Set minimum and maximum inventory levels to ensure that there is always sufficient stock without holding excess inventory.

Allows you to control inventory on consignment, ensuring that you only pay for items that have been used.

Facilitates item registration and tracking through the use of barcode or QR scanning.

Enables inventory audits to be performed without stopping the operation and  to ensure the accuracy of inventory data in real time.

Manages the main item information, including descriptions, units of measure, prices and suppliers.

Allows tracking of items by lot, serial number and expiration dates, which is crucial in the medical environment.

Facilitates conversion between different units of measurement during all clinical and administrative operational processes, e.g. from boxes to individual units.

Allows management of several warehouses and sub-warehouses, each with their own locations and inventory levels.

Generates detailed reports on inventory levels, stock movements, expiring items, among many other possible variables.


Accounts Receivable Module



Allows for detailed customer registration, identification of customers by categorized groups and integration of detailed information such as contact details, credit limits, including price lists and content upload, among many other possible variables.

Sends automatic notifications to customers with information about their account statements and outstanding invoices.

Generates analytical reports or lists, general or detailed, on outstanding balances, payments received, aging of balances, among many other possible variables

Allows segmentation and filtering of accounts receivable information according to customer type (individuals, insurance companies, companies, etc.).

It facilitates the follow-up of outstanding balances and the performance of collection procedures.

Allows the individual or multiple allocation of partial or total payments of invoices as well as the respective issuance of payments.

Accounts Payable Module


Allows to register and maintain a detailed control of suppliers, including request for quotations, content uploading, invoice registration, payment tracking, as well as the registration of detailed information such as contact detailed information such as contact details, payment terms, discounts, among others.

Allow to visualize and globally manage accounts payable based on variables such as amounts and maturities.

Facilitates the registration of invoices by associating them to their respective operating events.

Allows future payments, advances or refundsas well as and individual or multiple identification of partial or total payments of invoices, ensuring that invoices are paid on time.

Helps manage and control outgoing payments to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Makes it possible to manage several petty cash operations at the same time.

Facilitates mass payments through integration with banking systems

Attach and manage documents related to invoices, such as purchase orders or acknowledgement.

Generates reports analytical reports or lists, general or detailed, on outstanding balances, payments received, aging of balances, among many other possible variables.


Invoicing and Cashiering Module



Ensures that all invoices are compliant with tax regulations and industry standards anywhere in the world.

The issuance of invoices, as well as their cancellation or the application of a credit note, automatically generates the respective accounting entries.

Configure and update price lists of services and products offered.

Facilitates the creation and management of service or treatment packages at special prices.

Monitors revenues and performs detailed analysis of accounts.

Allows you to apply discounts and promotions efficiently.

Securely stores and organizes all billing-related documents.

Provides access to detailed customer billing histories and statements.

Allows you to customize invoice and receipt formats.

Consolidate several invoices into one, simplifying the management for the customer.

Accounting Module


Automates the creation of accounting policies and ensures correct and timely classification and recording.

It allows the valuation of inventories and assets according to different methods (PEPS, average cost, last cost).

Record and give historical traceability to fixed assets from their acquisition to their retirement, including the calculation of their depreciation and automates it in their accounting.

Generates financial statements such as the income statement, balance sheet, cash flows and budgets that provide an accurate and real-time financial picture of the operation

Fully customizable chart of accounts

Detailed and customizable reports on the financial and accounting position of the organization.

Create templates for frequent policies as well as interim provisional policies to record transactions that are pending confirmation.

Facilitates reconciliation of cash balances with bank statements


Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Module



This module allows you to keep track of the biomedical equipment inventory in real time.

Facilitates the scheduling and follow-up of preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

Provides a centralized location for storing and accessing equipment-related documentation such as manuals, certificates and maintenance records.

Helps track the physical location of each piece of equipment in the facility.

Provides detailed reports on equipment status and usage, as well as tracking of maintenance activities.

Budgeting Module


Facilitates the creation of budgets at the account level for the next fiscal year.

Allows tracking of budget history for future reference and trend analysis by identifying resources applied, resources committed and resources available.

Allows forecasting based on historical data and future projections

It allows integrating the budget with purchasing and accounting activities to obtain a complete view of the organization’s finances.

Provides detailed reports and statistics to assist in decision making.


Insurance Companies and Agreements Management Module



Allows the management of agreements and relationships with different insurance companies and agreement entities.

It facilitates the configuration and management of specific price lists and business rules for different insurers and agreements.

Helps manage the details and transactions of supplemental payments, such as co-payments and deductibles.

Allows flexible assignment of multiple insurers or agreements to a single patient, as needed.

It offers detailed reports and analysis related to insurers and settlements, which helps in decision making.