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NOM-24 Regulatory Compliance

To comply with NOM-024 certification, we use the following OIDs for information exchange:

OID Object Name Description Publication Date
2.16.840.1.113883. HarmoniMD solutions for clinics and hospitals S de RL de CV Root OID for the identification of the HarmoniMD® Health Informatics System, developed by MedWave Software Solutions, Inc., the parent company of HarmoniMD solutions for clinics and hospitals S de RL de CV, an organization focused on developing Clinical Software Solutions for clinical care within the hospital environment.

The purpose and use of the Object Identifier derive from the need to identify the system within Electronic Documents that are issued and can be recognized in the exchange of information that the software solution may have with other Electronic Record Information Systems.

Mar 05, 2020



2.16.840.1.113883. MedWave Software Solutions, Inc. Medwave has developed the HarmoniMD Electronic Medical Record system, which is suitable for hospitals or clinics with the ability to integrate any other software system being used, including the imaging system (RIS and PACS), the laboratory information system (LIS), the pharmacy information system (PIS), and the patient billing and accounting system (ERP). It includes a comprehensive library of reports and Electronic Clinical Documents (ECD). HarmoniMD team works with healthcare professionals to design additional documents and formats necessary to meet the unique needs of their users. -
NOM-024-SSA3-2012  HarmoniMD solutions for clinics and hospitals S de RL de CV The NOM-024-SSA3-2012 is mandatory throughout the national territory for all establishments that provide healthcare services as part of the National Health System that adopt an Electronic Health Record Information System, as well as for individuals or legal entities within the national territory who have, indiscriminately, the rights of ownership, use, authorship, distribution, and/or commercialization of such systems; in terms of the standard and applicable legal provisions. In process

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