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Optimization, control and reporting in every aspect of Hospital Management regardless of the size of the resources.

Innovative hospital management solution designed to boost efficiency and quality of care in small and medium-sized hospitals.

Advanced and customizable hospital management solution, aimed at transforming and optimizing the operations of large-scale, high-specialty hospitals.

Modules for each solution

More than 26 modules with specific functionalities integrated into both solutions. With HarmoniMD, efficient and comprehensive management of an entire hospital is achieved.

  1. Patient Admission
  2. External consultation
  3. Emergencies
  4. Electronic Clinical Record (ECE)
  5. Nutrition
  6. Odontology
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Central Equipment and Sterilization (CEYE)
  9. Oncological Management
  10. Hospitalization
  11. Surgery
  12. Auxiliary services
  13. Patient Portal
  14. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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1. Purchase Module
2. Warehouse Module
3. Accounts Receivable Module
4. Accounts Payable Module
5. Billing and Cash Module
6. Accounting Module
7. Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Module
8. Budget Module
9. Insurance and Agreement Management Module

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Hospital management is based on data, but not only on its collection, but on the ability to interpret it correctly. This module allows the creation of specialized reports, their analysis and the use of the Business Intelligence tool.

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Learn why HarmoniMD is the right one to manage all aspects of clinical care and management

Awarded with distinctions in innovation and medical excellence

At HarmoniMD we are recognized as one of the best Electronic Medical Records in the world.

While that at 2019, this same investigation determined that HarmoniMD® was was the system of records from health records system electronic number number one in Latin America.

Basado en la investigación de Black Book, que clasifica los mejores registros de salud electrónicos a nivel mundial, HarmoniMD® es el sistema de registros de salud electrónicos número uno en México para 2020.

Based on Black Book research, which ranks the best electronic health records globally, HarmoniMD® is the number one electronic health records system in Mexico for 2021.

Based on Black Book research, which ranks the best electronic health records globally, HarmoniMD® is the number one electronic health records system in Mexico for 2022.

As alwaysHarmoniMD is at the vanguard! We have sido recognized like a one of the TOP 10 companies at Systems of Management Hospital (EHR-EMR)

Thank you to the great team of implementation and service team y support to customer support at 2020 we went to recognized doublyon the one on the one hand like company of Maximum loyalty from to customers and on the the other side like company of Máxima Satisfaction to customer.

We are excited to support clinics and hospitals and our numbers back us up

At HarmoniMD we have demonstrated our capabilities and global reach by generating over 122,000 active invoices, managed over 37,000 purchase orders and monitoring over 3,000,000 inventory transactions. In addition, we are present in 7 countries, consolidating our position as leaders in hospital management.

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Electronic clinical documents developed
Patients served
Laboratory and imaging orders
Medication orders and management
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Transformation companies: our success stories

FUCAM Hospital in Mexico City

Learn how FUCAM Hospital in Mexico City made the transition from a completely paper-based system to the HarmoniMD® Hospital Information System.

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