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Implementation stages

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Implementation strategies

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Implementation stages

We offer a smooth and successful transition towards the adoption of our hospital solutions. Our innovative implementation methodology has been meticulously designed to reduce time and ensure the active incorporation of hospital staff from the initial stages

GAP analysis

We identify gaps between current capabilities and future needs, and formulate strategies to close these gaps.


We develop a comprehensive plan that defines and delineate the areas and processes involved in the project.

Database survey

We collect and organize the databases necessary for system configuration.

Gathering information

We gather detailed information about hospital processes to properly configure the software.

Software configuration

We customize HarmoniMD to the hospital’s specific needs.

Infrastructure and Connectivity Analysis

We evaluate existing technological infrastructure and connectivity to ensure a smooth deployment.


Integration with existing and third-party systems creates a more connected hospital environment.


We provide comprehensive training to hospital staff to ensure competent use of HarmoniMD.

Live Testing

We perform live testing to validate functionality and make necessary adjustments before full implementation.

Go live

Implementation of HarmoniMD in the hospital environment.


We provide ongoing support to ensure HarmoniMD integrates seamlessly into your daily operations.

Strategies for successful implementations

We understand that adopting a new system can present challenges. HarmoniMD uses change management strategies to ensure successful implementations

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Early Staff Involvement

Involving staff from the early stages encourages greater acceptance and commitment to the change.

Formation and development

We offer training by functional area with a specialized focus on the development and implementation of best practices in the sector.

Continuous Communication:

We maintain open communication channels to address concerns and provide clear information about the implementation process.

Team Empowerment:

Support and Advice: We provide ongoing advice and support to help overcome any challenges that arise during the transition.

HarmoniMD Consulting

We value the uniqueness of each hospital, providing not only software solutions but also expert consulting tailored to the specific challenges of each institution. Our commitment is to offer a complete experience that combines advanced technology with the knowledge of our hospital management specialists.

Comprehensive Vision

We evaluate and identify the needs of our clients from all management areas, enhancing the multidisciplinary capabilities of our team of experts to address and provide truly comprehensive solutions.

Analysis and Evaluation

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your hospital’s processes and operations to identify areas of opportunity and specific challenges.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on the analysis, our team of experts develops recommendations that align with your hospital’s goals and objectives, and are supported by best practices and experience.

Technology Implementation

We support the implementation of HarmoniMD in a way that adapts to the specific needs of your hospital and facilitates process optimization.

Training and Support

We offer ongoing training and support to ensure your team is well-equipped to get the most out of HarmoniMD.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

We regularly monitor to ensure that the changes implemented are working and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

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