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While we offer a wide variety of standard reports to fit the general needs of most hospitals, we also recognize that each institution has  unique needs and goals. This is why HarmoniMD excels at creating personalized reports. Our team of specialists works together with hospitals to understand what they want to measure and how they want to do it. This customization translates into reports that are tailored to each institution, offering various formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT, PowerPoint, Word, and more.

We turn data into actions
The BI tool in HarmoniMD goes beyond conventional reports. It is a powerful platform that allows hospitals to break down and analyze their information, identifying patterns, trends and areas of opportunity.

The combination of customized reports along with our BI tool provides hospitals with an unprecedented competitive advantage. This synergy ensures that hospitals not only collect data, but use it to continually improve and achieve their strategic objectives.

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