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COI Cancer Center

Interest in adopting electronic records systems is a top priority for both hospital administrators and physicians. However, there are significant barriers that hinder its implementation, such as million-dollar costs and long process durations.

COI Cancer Center, a leading institution specializing in cancer treatment, has taken a major step forward with HarmoniMD HIS. COI is undertaking a phased implementation to move all clinical documentation from paper files and information from other systems to HarmoniMD. This process was carried out in stages to ensure a smooth transition in the 5 clinics of this institution.

This initiative represents an opportunity to improve the quality of life of patients and a powerful tool to raise the quality of medical care.

One of the main problems that HarmoniMD HIS solves immediately is the need for physicians and support staff to repeatedly complete paper forms with patient information during their hospital visit. With HarmoniMD HIS, this repetitive and time-consuming task became a thing of the past.

The HarmoniMD Patient Chart incorporates all relevant patient data, plus color-coded allergy prompts and alerts are used to facilitate identification of patient status.

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As a result of not having to complete paper forms, doctors and nursing staff increased their direct patient treatment time by 30-40%.

Information is now available in real time in all your clinics as soon as it is entered into the patient’s chart.

The HarmoniMD team has worked closely with COI’s Information Technology (IT) department and clinical staff to integrate HarmoniMD HIS into the institution’s workflow.

Now with HarmoniMD HIS, any order placed is immediately received by the corresponding department. Test and imaging results are also published electronically and are available at all clinics for review by treating physicians.

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Additionally, at COI a strategic integration has been carried out with Farmis Oncofarm, an onco-hematological patient management system, with the aim of further improving patient care and monitoring. The integration of Farmis Oncofarm with HarmoniMD has provided the COI with a comprehensive platform for the management of onco-hematological patients. This integration improves efficiency, accuracy and security in information and medication management, while facilitating collaboration and patient tracking. The COI continues its commitment to using innovative technologies to offer the best possible care to its onco-hematology patients.
HarmoniMD HIS provides COI the opportunity to not only define its own facility workflows and protocols, but also track outcomes, challenges and successes across the hospital.

Training and communication were critical components for successful implementation. Together with an implementation team, COI staff were supported through a wide variety of educational tools, such as detailed training manuals and videos, weekly follow-up meetings, and a quick-response attitude.
HarmoniMD HIS is a comprehensive solution that developed specialized functionality for COI chemotherapy scheduling and management, allowing you to efficiently manage chemotherapy sessions, supporting both doctors and nursing staff in the treatment room.

One of the standout features of HarmoniMD HIS is its ability to manage chemotherapy with mixing center capabilities. This means that the system facilitates the precise preparation of chemotherapy drug mixtures, ensuring correct dosing and avoiding errors in administration. In addition, it offers exhaustive monitoring of the medications used, providing rigorous control over supplies and minimizing waste.

In the nursing field, this specialized development provides specific tools for the personnel in charge of administering chemotherapy. The system allows each administration to be recorded in detail, including the dose, date and time, and any adverse reaction or side effect observed. This information is essential for monitoring and following up treatment, as well as for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of chemotherapy.
For their part, doctors also have specific functionalities for managing chemotherapy. They can schedule and adjust treatment cycles, set dosages and dosing intervals, and quickly access complete patient information and treatment history. This facilitates clinical decision-making and guarantees personalized and appropriate care for each case.

COI Cancer Center
The reason for being of the COI (Innovative Cancer Center) is to convert the victory against cancer into a life expectancy for each patient. Since its founding in 2013, the COI has stood out for its innovative approach and its adherence to best practices in the field of oncology.
In a constantly evolving world, the COI remains at the forefront of technology and research in the fight against cancer.
The COI is distinguished by its modernity and its comprehensive approach to cancer management. In addition to having highly trained medical teams, the center offers a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients, with state-of-the-art facilities designed for their comfort and well-being.

At COI, a patient-centered approach is promoted, where patients are provided with emotional support and active participation in their own treatment process is encouraged. In addition, the importance of personalized, quality care, adapted to the individual needs of each patient, is emphasized.
Following best practices in oncology, the IOC adheres to international standards for the treatment and management of oncological diseases. It is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the procedures and therapies used.

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In short, COI was founded with the mission of giving every patienta hope of life in their fight against cancer. Through its innovative approach,  and its commitment to best practices,  COI has positioned itself as a leading cancer center, offering patients comprehensive and cutting-edge treatment in the battle against this terrible disease. 

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