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The Hospital Obesity Control Center

The Hospital Obesity Control Center (OCC) is internationally recognized for its excellence in the treatment of obesity and related diseases. With the aim of further improving the quality of care and optimizing its processes, the OCC decided to implement HarmoniMD, in all its clinical and administrative operational areas.

The ability to customize and configure the system according to OCC workflows was a determining factor in its selection.

Persona utilizando sistema para salud Harmonimd

The implementation of HarmoniMD at OCC was a collaborative and carefully planned process. An implementation team was formed that included OCC staff and HarmoniMD experts, who worked hand in hand to adapt the system to the needs and requirements of the medical center.

One of the main challenges at OCC was the efficient management of patient medical records, especially in an environment where obesity and its comorbidities required multidisciplinary care. HarmoniMD enabled the consolidation of all medical information in one place, facilitating quick and secure access to patient records by healthcare professionals.

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 HarmoniMD was integrated with other systems and devices used at the OCC, such as diagnostic and monitoring equipment. This integration allowed for greater efficiency in data capture and analysis, as well as better communication between different medical teams.

With the implementation of HarmoniMD, OCC achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency and quality of care. Automating administrative tasks and eliminating paper use streamlined clinical processes, resulting in shorter wait times for patients and greater productivity for healthcare professionals.

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HarmoniMD provided analytical tools that allowed OCC to track treatment outcomes more accurately, as well as generate key reports and statistics for strategic decision making.

The successful implementation of HarmoniMD at the Hospital Obesity Control Center has strengthened the center’s position as a leader in obesity treatment. Patients benefit from more comprehensive and coordinated care, while health professionals have at their disposal an efficient  tool to provide the best possible care.

The OCC continues to use HarmoniMD as an integral part of its patient-centered approach and is committed to continuing to leverage technology to improve the quality of life of people struggling with obesity and its complications.

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