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RME Implementation – Easy & Customized

Can EMR Implementation Be Easy & Custom? Absolutely!

The EMR industry is replete with anecdotal horror stories describing multi-million dollar implementations that take years to complete and never fully accomplish their stated clinical or administrative objectives.

HarmoniMD is different.

Our implementations average 12-18 weeks at which time, your hospital will have a full-featured customized solution that delivers immediately to your bottom line and clinical excellence.

This is possible because we do not foolishly separate medicine into distinct, separate specialty modules, which is short-sighted and ridiculous!

Rather, HarmoniMD incorporates all specialties into a unified database solution. We provide unique, custom Roadmaps, called Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs), which quickly guide nurses and physicians through structured clinical workflows that aid in task completion.

These ECDs are time-saving stepping stones developed in partnership with hospital clinical leadership during the initial implementation phase.

Our experienced clinical document design team can develop additional, custom ECDs as well in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding clinical environments.

HarmoniMD is reinventing hospital healthcare. We invite you to join us.