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Choose HarmoniMD® for Integrated ECE and ERP Systems

Most hospitals and clinics use two separate software systems for their electronic medical records (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This causes undue burdens on the institution due to costs for purchasing, training, and ongoing support of two separate systems, in addition to managing issues with system integration. Until recently, there really wasn’t any other option.

But now, HarmoniMD™ offers a sophisticated ERP system integrated directly into its EMR platform, allowing for managing all aspects of healthcare in one seamless system.

Here are a few of the features and benefits:

HarmoniMD includes real-time inventory tracking. Inventory, at any defined inventory location, is automatically adjusted at each administration of a medication or use of a supply item, making inventory tracking very easy.

HarmoniMD includes an ordering system, tracking orders by department. This allows the Purchasing Department to anticipate various departments’ needs and optimize product distribution by allocating more supplies to departments that order more frequently.

HarmoniMD tracks lot numbers for applicable products such as medications. Expiration dates are tracked through all departments. In case of a product recall, patients who were given products from the recalled lot are easily identified, increasing patient safety and quality control.

HarmoniMD tracks fluctuating product prices. This ensures that the current price paid for a product is the price used for billing, a difficult thing to track with most ERP or manual systems. Over time this valuable price history data can provide even better supply management, increase awareness on pricing trends, and identify the best suppliers to purchase products from.

The HarmoniMD EMR/ERP integration represents a significant decrease in data input and data sources. Whenever data is entered in one place, it is available in all parts of the system. Since there is only one inventory to manage, double entry is no longer necessary. What’s more, the Billing Department has access to all necessary patient billing records and patient care documentation; Quality Control has access to reports to track compliance; and care plans can be justified to government or private insurance agencies.

The HarmoniMD EMR/ERP integration results in better reporting across the organization. To take inventory as just one example, it is possible to establish reminders for checking products that are close to expiration and for when to conduct an inventory count. It is also possible to track the flow of product use. All of this, and more, is possible and easily done.

The HarmoniMD EMR/ERP integration enables fast customization since we have your complete set of data. We typically implement a customized version of our system three times faster than other EMRs and ERPs. With the high level of expertise in our Implementation, Programming, and Quality Assurance Teams, we can help guide you in the right direction from the start. In this way, you get exactly what you ask for.

Enhanced reporting, real-time inventory tracking, decreased data input, monitoring patient care for best outcomes, and quick and reliable customization all add up to better business performance. Waste less on inventory loss, increase patient care quality, decrease errors of duplicate data entry, ensure doctors and nurses have the supplies they need when they need them, and manage patient accounts more effectively than ever before.

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