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Beneficios de Harmoni

The Benefits of the HarmoniMD™ Electronic Health Records System

If your hospital, clinic or physician office is looking to streamline processes, increase staff efficiency, and improve patient care, you may have considered putting an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system into place. Doing so can revolutionize the way your organization operates, drastically improving both financial performance and patient care.

Let’s look at some of the many benefits the HarmoniMD offers:

The margin of error decreases.

Unintentional medical errors are more common than you think. With HarmoniMD these are substantially reduced: there is no handwriting that can be misinterpreted; patient identifying data does not have to be repeatedly noted; and charts cannot be lost. What’s more, everyone has access to the most up-to-date information at the same time. Information is also easy to read and interpret. With HarmoniMD graphs vital signs and lab results are graphed automatically, aiding with interpretation. This replaces tedious manual graphing by nurses, which is prone to mistakes.

Charts cannot be doctored.

Believe it or not, intentional medical errors are also common. With a paper system, clinicians can fabricate data to cover their tracks. If nurses forget to give a medication administration, they can back date a later administration or simply enter a medication administration that didn’t happen. And data can be erased or a page in the chart torn out. With an EHR, everything entered is automatically stamped with the date and time. with a state-of-the-art system like HarmoniMD, no data can ever be erased. If something is erroneously loaded into a Patient Chart, the data can be cancelled, but there will always be a record that this occurred, for reporting and compliance purposes. HarmoniMD can even be configured to send email notifications to a supervisor should a critical event not happen, such as a critical medication administration.

Interdepartmental efficiency increases.

With paper charts, inputting, reviewing, and circulating patient information can take anywhere from days to months. With electronic records, no matter who needs to see the patient’s health record– doctors, nurses, the billing department, or support staff– up-to-date information is readily available to all involved. No more running paper charts up and down stairs, from one department to another, or searching for misplaced charts.

Easy access by clinicians.

With HarmoniMD, whether physicians are in the hospital or at their home office, electronic patient medical charts are easily accessible. Not only can files be updated and reviewed, treatments such as medications, labs, and procedures can be ordered with ease. With HarmoniMD, if a doctor is working remotely, nurses can take photos of patient conditions (such as wounds) from within the Patient Chart which are then available for immediate viewing by doctors.

Superior Service From Our Team.

With HarmoniMD, we are not just selling you software, we are providing a service. Our clinical team works hand-in-hand with you to review all of your workflows and practice protocols to make sure we build a foundation for an implementation that is solid and can grow with you for decades to come. This includes using our unique Electronic Clinical Documents technology to transform your paper forms into dynamic, interactive systems.

Easy to use.

HarmoniMD is extremely intuitive and easy to use because it is designed by clinicians for clinicians: We intimately understand what you need from an EHR system. Also, HarmoniMD is customized to your workflows. Users don’t have to adapt to an imposed software structure. Rather, the system molds itself to your known processes, making the software look familiar from day one. Because of this, doctors, nurses and staff are up and running with HarmoniMD in a matter of days, even hours.

Safe and Secure.

HarmoniMD meets the strictest security and privacy requirements that exist in the world, complying with the US law referred to as HIPAA. And HarmoniMD actually increases security and privacy, controlling access to patient data as well as the processes that staff use to share information. For example, instead of taking photos of patient conditions on a cell phone and sending them through the cell network or loading photos into the computer and sending them as email attachments, photos are taken from within the Patient Chart itself, where access is strictly controlled.

Security and privacy concerns do not just apply to the EHR system: Our team works with you to ensure that all of your organization’s computer systems meet the highest security and privacy standards.

Find Out if HarmoniMD is the Right EHR for Your Hospital

HarmoniMD is customized to fit your workflows, meeting the unique needs of staff in each department thereby ensuring your teams work to their full potential while providing the best patient care.

HarmoniMD’s electronic health records system:

  • Provides full hospital/clinical/physician office management in all departments
  • Is very reasonably priced
  • Is accessible over cell networks and low bandwidth wifi
  • Is flexible enough to work anywhere in the world
  • Allows doctors and nurses to function with minimal training
  • Provides all clinical data– medical histories, vital signs, test results, etc.– on affordable tablets that fit in a pocket

Whether you are a large hospital, clinic, or small private practice, HarmoniMD is an electronic health records system that can work for you, resulting in happier staff and happier, healthier patients. Schedule a no-obligation demonstration to find out more about our breakthrough technology and what it can do for your team and your patients.