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Are Electronic Health Records Systems Affordable?

How Much Does an Electronic Health Records System Cost?

This can be one of the first questions administrators ask before implementing an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Cost and affordability are important factors that make finding the right EHR system absolutely essential for your health care organization. HarmoniMD works with hospitals all over the world to ensure they are saving time and money using our system.        

There are many aspects of an EHR system that makes it an affordable and revolutionary choice for hospitals. Read on if you are wondering how an EHR like HarmoniMD can save your healthcare organization money, while streamlining your systems and processes.      

HarmoniMD is Software as a Service (SaaS)

Many people assume that Electronic Health Record management systems are sold as expensive software that is rarely used to its full potential. This is not the case with HarmoniMD. Instead, your organization ‘rents’ the software. You pay for what you use based on the volume of patient visits and facility data storage requirements.           

We know what works for one hospital may not work for another. That’s why HarmoniMD has created a system that is facility-specific, with the ability to cater to your workflows, protocols, reports, inventory control, user roles, user permissions and more. HarmoniMD also takes your hospital’s individual needs into consideration in order to price the system.         

Not only are you not paying for services you don’t use, HarmoniMD trains your staff to use the system to maximize its potential within your organization. After implementation, time will not be wasted trying to figure out unfamiliar software — everything will make sense.           

Tablets Keep EHR Costs Low

Not only can HarmoniMD be used on desktops and laptops, HarmoniMobile works on small, inexpensive tablets and mobile devices, which eliminates the cost of bedside workstations. Hospital computer units are large, and they can be expensive to maintain. By switching to an EHR system on tablets, you save floor space and money. By switching to an EHR system on tablets, you save floor space and money.                

  • Immediate Access to the Full Patient Chart
  • Ability to Use at Bedside
  • Photos of Patient and Patient Conditions
  • Graphic Representation of Lab Tests and Vital Signs
  • Barcode & ID Card Scanning
  • Easy to Sanitize
  • Fits in your Pocket

The desktop and tablet applications work seamlessly together, ensuring that physicians, nurses, and administrative staff can all access the information they need to keep costs low and patient satisfaction high, no matter where they are located in the hospital.            

Cut Costs by Eliminating Paper Charts

Healthcare organizations can also save money by implementing EHRs simply because it will eliminate the need for paper filing systems & patient charts. You might be surprised to find out how much the paper, printing, and waste costs can add up over time, no matter what the size of your organization.              

Storing files electronically eliminates the time it takes to manually fill out patient charts, eliminating among other things entering the same identifying data repeatedly. Not only is time saved, nothing can be lost or misplaced. And, there is no waiting for documents to be passed from one department to another: With an EHR system, access to medical histories, test results, billing, and more is available to users instantaneously.           

An EHR System will Save Time and Money

Aside from their affordability, electronic health records work wonders to support your administrative staff and improve patient care. You will find that your physicians and your patients are happier through the use of electronic medical record keeping.        

If you are wondering how HarmoniMD can work for your hospital, do not hesitate to schedule a demonstration today. With success stories all over the world, we are ready to show you how your hospital will benefit from our affordable, easy-to-use electronic health records system.