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What to look for in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: Integration of cutting-edge technology, such as Telemedicine.

NOTE: With this blog post, We are starting a series of posts examining the features important things to keep in mind when considering an EHR system, also known as as ECE (Electronic Medical Records).   

One of the important things to evaluate when considering the implementation of any ECE system is whether the software company stays up to date with the latest technological improvements, continually developing new features and features to make your patient care work more cash.        

Let’s see the example of Telemedicine, which allows doctors to consult with patients remotely. Until very recently, expensive robotic systems  for this purpose. But now with advances in technology, it is possible to take advantage of a commonly known feature found on your cell phone, Facetime. This technology can be integrated into an EHR, eliminating the need of additional expensive equipment.       

Simply with access to an email address, this new technology allows An EHR offers several more improvements to patient care:   

  • The Doctors can consult with patients remotely.   
  • The family members in another location who have email addresses Email can be included in the query, if desired.      
  • it may include additional doctors elsewhere, such as specialists, in the consult, if necessary.     

The patient clicks on a link provided in an appointment email to start the telemedicine consultation. You can use a telephone cell phone, tablet or computer for the consultation. On the doctor’s side, You can access the Patient File from the appointment record, which allows you allows the doctor to easily review the chart before the appointment and take notes on the token during the call. This substantially speeds up the process for doctor, eliminating the need to reference multiple files or systems during the call and allowing the doctor to focus completely on the patient.       

Additionally, appointment confirmations and reminders can be automated, reducing administrative time spent managing appointments. With this feature, an email is sent to the patient with the appointment information. Reminders are also automated and sent via email. Reports can then be generated to show the number of no-shows and rescheduled appointments. Reports can also show the result of the query, among other data.             

The integration of HarmoniMD® Telemedicine Services further streamlines the process:

1. The information displayed on The Record can be customized for the specific needs of the telemedicine consultation for a specific health center, allowing the doctor, for example:

  • Submit a request to:
    • the patient to be hospitalized
    • a consultation for a service, including the transfer of an inpatient to another bed or location (whether another department within the same health facility or a transfer to another health facility).
    • A surgery
  • Print reports
  • Comply with any rules the health center may have for such consultations.

2.    Once a telemedicine appointment is complete, the doctor marks it as complete. If well this automatically moves you to a list of completed appointments, These full quotes are always available for review, in case of that a doctor may want to refer to a previous appointment, for example, to see what orders were made.   

3.    The Telemedicine appointments are made on calendars with a lot of flexibility.   

  • it can be displayed in various ways to best meet the needs of the staff accessing information: active and completed appointments can be display by month, week, day or a simple list.     
  • His health center defines these calendars: They may include a specific set of doctors and/or a specific set of services; They can have different appointment times each day; Each appointment can have the option of being an appointment in person, a telemedicine appointment or any of them; Calendars can last indefinitely or for a set period of time. (This is useful in in case the schedule differs during the summer, or from month to month, or even from one week to the next); And, when necessary, appointments can be made outside the established schedule.             

As we hope As you can see in this telemedicine example, there are many new ways, exciting and powerful ways in which an ECE can help provide the best patient care.       

HarmoniMD is at the forefront of technological improvements and includes a component of telemedicine among its many features and functionalities. Schedule a no-obligation demo to learn more about our innovative technology and what it can do for your equipment and your patients. With success stories around the world, we are ready to show you how your hospital or clinic will benefit from our affordable and easy-to-use electronic health records. 
Consider one of the important features to take into account when considering an Electronic Health Record system health (HCE): Telemedicine. Read about HarmoniMD™’s innovative use of this technology.